well, that was embarrassing

posted on: Monday, November 25, 2013

So you know when you go to Trader Joe’s and you walk over to the Granny Smith apples, since you’re making your traditional apple pie for Thanksgiving and need to stock up on supplies. So you put a bag of organic in the cart which, the fact that it’s organic is neither here nor there except to say that they only had bags of those, but I digress. So, you try to decide if you’re going to buy another bag or just two larger Granny Smiths and in the midst of some very not-so important Thanksgiving decisions, you decide to consult your husband who has just walked up beside you.

You look down at the price of the apples as you start the consultation saying, “Okay, so the bag of apples is $2.50 but the regular ones are .70 cents each, so should I just–” and it’s mid-sentence that you notice that your husband is now carrying a basket instead of pushing a cart and well, isn’t that weird and oh, he wasn’t wearing a leather jacket when you came into the store. Huh. Oh, but the strange man to your right is wearing a leather jacket and that’s totally not your husband. Nope and boy, that’s a deer-in-the-headlights look if you’ve ever seen one and you think you’ve scared him, so you laugh it off and just try to “ha, ha, ha” and “It’s been a long day” your way out of that situation.

Only, you’re not the only one who notices and the lovely woman in the produce aisle with you and your newly-adopted husband tries to help by saying, “I just hate when that happens” and yeah lady, me too, is what you think to yourself.

Oh and there’s your actual husband who has been watching this all happen, just standing there, not in a leather jacket. He’s standing by your actual cart looking at you like, “Yep, that was embarrassing” with a smirk on his face waiting for you to wander over and play it cool when realllllyyy you’re completely mortified for the next thirty minutes as you wander the aisles and avoid all eye contact with stranger man and you know when that happens?

Yeah…neither do I.

  • Happens to the best of us girl!

  • dee


  • Jordan Lynn

    This totally happened to my boyfriend yesterday. He walked up to a girl in Whole Foods and said “aren’t you ready yet?” At least it makes for a good story and a good laugh!

  • HA! Oh my gosh, yes. I kept thinking, “I’m completely horrified, but at least this will make for a good blog post.”