the annual holiday battle

posted on: Thursday, November 21, 2013


I have this fight with myself every year, you guys. It’s like the angel and devil on my shoulders, only it’s really a turkey and Santa Claus. Part of me knows how fleeting this season is. I mean, blink and it’ll be January. Part of me wants to start enjoying the Christmas season early. I’m wanting my Christmas tree up yesterday, Christmas movies and music playing 24/7 and a pine-scented candle burning to make the house smell perfect(pine is my favorite scent), so that it’ll feel like the Christmas season even longer because it always flies by and I’m always left feeling deflated that it’s over and suddenly January.

But then there’s this other side of me, the practical side (or perhaps it’s the side of me that is named Adam), that makes me lean in the direction of “Well, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so shouldn’t it have it’s time to shine?” and getting all angry when people start Christmas too early and rabble and all that. Although I don’t get angry, that’s all him. Bah humbug before Thanksgiving is his rule.

But then that other side comes in, the one that’s listening to the She & Him Christmas album right at this very moment, feeling so merry happy and all..


But then there was that one year I started listening to Christmas music early and was sick of it by the 14th of December. Perhaps it’s like endurance training? Maybe this year I’ll make it all the way to the 25th! Huzzah! You see, I’m having this fight with myself right now, right at this very moment. Through this blog post. This is my thought process this time of year. Every year.


I don’t think Adam has noticed that I haphazardly placed our metal Christmas tree wall hanging in the living room. Though, I bet that after he reads this he’ll be removing it promptly when he gets home. Adam, you touch my Christmas decor and I will buy an Elf on the Shelf and will creep you out until the day after Christmas, I will do it!

I see both sides and I get it. Completely. Both sides have valid points. So, I’ll hold off on the tree until after Thanksgiving. After all, we’re going to the mountains where it’s supposed to snow and what better way to get your tree then with snow on the ground? I must say, the pine-scented candles, movies and music are fair game though. At least when Adam isn’t home.

Okay, sound off! What are your thoughts on the whole thing?

  • I have a hard time with this too! Since Thanksgiving is so late this year, I feel more ok with listening to Christmas music right now, but usually I tried to hold off until after Thanksgiving. That being said, I LOVE Christmas music, so that doesn’t always go as planned.

  • So true! Thanksgiving is just way too late this year. That’s a fabulous point, Kelly. I shall add that to the powerpoint presentation argument I will be presenting to Adam on why we should celebrate early. Just kidding. Maybe.

  • kellymitchem

    Christmas is my favorite time of year, like seriously it makes me giddy. But I am much like you and torn with what to do and when to start celebrating. Thanksgiving has never been a huge holiday for me but I think that the older I get and the more I stop and think about what it means I start to enjoy it more and more! Perhaps I will start giving Thanksgiving its due.

  • I’m holding off til after Thanksgiving but only because of my husband… I’ve already started the Christmas music–but I neverrrr get sick of it! :)

  • I am ready for Thanksgiving to get here so I can decorate for Christmas! I’ve only been celebrating Christmas for a few years now and I love decorating and making the house feel all holidayish but I love the anticipation building up to decorating, too!

  • Ah! It’s so magical, isn’t it? Get ready, because it’s almost decorating time! I hope you have the best time making the house feel all cozy for Christmas.

  • I’ve begun singing Christmas music, only tonight, I put Thanksgiving lyrics to them. “It’s the most wonderful meal of the year.” and things like that. It’s all about compromise, after all. ;)

  • Exactly! I think it’s only been in the last year or two that it’s becoming a favorite of mine. I love that it’s not about gifts and is just about spending time with family and reflecting on blessings.