just a really good weekend

posted on: Monday, November 18, 2013


This weekend was one for the books. THE books. You know, the ones that list all extraordinarily ordinary, at-home weekends that rock my world? Those books. Saturday started super early, since I had plans to shoot Christmas photos for my friend Jen. We found a beautiful spot to take photos near my house where the leaves were still a bit red and yellow, adding a gorgeous backdrop. It was just fun getting to hang out with a good friend and her sweet pup and it left me inspired. Success! That night, Adam and I headed to a bonfire with our life group and had the best time eating chili, roasting marshmallows, making the messiest s’mores ever, as well as quoting random movie lines throughout the night(“you’re killin’ me smalls”), and watching football and holy moly, did you see the ending to that Auburn game? Our hosts are Auburn fans and while we’re not the biggest college football fans, we were thrilled that they won for their sake. That night reminded me of just how thankful I am for the amazing friends we’ve made here in Charlotte.

Sunday, we slept in. Mind you, sleeping in for us is 7:45, thanks to one of the puppies. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the one trying to act like she’s not attempting to chew on the pack of cards up there. We took it easy in the morning and finally left the house for donuts because if anything was going to rouse us from the couch at that point, it would be donuts. We did decide to be good and take the dogs for a run before we ate our carb-loaded goodness and ended up going two miles, so I was proud of us. Then I proceeded to eat that donut and completely defeat the purpose of said run, but it did wear the dogs out for the rest of the day, so it wasn’t a total loss. We played cards a bit, continued our binge-watching of Frasier on Netflix and finally left the house again in the afternoon to run our weekly errands. Then, we came home where Adam made the most delicious steak and homemade chimichurri while I whipped up a side of massaged kale and roasted parsnips. Without a doubt, it was the best homemade meal we’ve had in a while and our taste buds were singing our praises. I also learned why you “massage” kale and I will never not give it a massage. My kale will be the most relaxed kale ever.

It was one of those weekends where nothing extraordinary happened, but where everything just went really well, you know? It was a happy one.

  • kellymitchem

    I love the photo of the bonfire, perfect fall activity. Nice to enjoy it before it gets too cold!

  • dee

    Aww, sounds like you guys had the perfect cozy weekend.

  • It sounds like a lovely fall weekend. I love the photos – and your lipstick!