if walls could talk

posted on: Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yesterday afternoon I headed to Belmont, North Carolina. It’s an adorable small town, just twenty minutes north of Charlotte. I was joining Lindsay to explore the outskirts of the city in hopes of finding some funky, cool spots to take some photos for a project. Lindsay is an awesome photographer here in town and we’re collaborating on some photo shoots, which is so much fun. We didn’t manage to find a whole lot of interesting in the outskirts of Belmont, really, and our attempts at getting lost didn’t seem work. It seems as though when you actually want to get lost, it’s nearly impossible. Did you know that? Isn’t that just like life? Anyway, more on our time in Belmont soon.

I just had to talk about that gorgeous, abandoned home up there that I couldn’t stop taking photos of. The house that made all of the driving and NOT getting lost completely worth it. Here’s the deal with me and old buildings, homes, abandoned chimneys in the mountains and places like that, I get so lost in imagining who must have lived in those homes and what their lives must have been like. For example, with this house, I like to imagine they were farmers and harvested everything in the large, open field behind their statuesque abode, when the asphalt road ten feet from their front door was nothing but dirt. They would wake up in that very house, before the sun even rose, to get to work and harvest their crops. Perhaps they held their children’s weddings there. You know, I imagine stuff like that. I just get absolutely lost in it and all of the history. I think it’s one reason why I love the Biltmore so much. It’s also another reason why I wanted to move north of Florida, to live among these antique structures with a story of their very own. How I wish walls could talk.

  • Deva C.

    I love old houses and buildings. I ended up moving into an old house when we bought ours because I loved the history and woodwork so much.

  • I love it! It adds so much character.

  • Loving those boots!

  • Old Navy! Got them this summer on super sale. A little big, but for only $10 it’s worth it. ;)

  • Um, I was going to say “I Need to know where those boots are from!” Can’t believe they’re from Old Navy!

  • I know, right?! They’re a half-size too big, but worth it since they were on sale for $10 earlier this year. Rumor has it, they’re going to have a sale on their ankle booties on Saturday, so keep an eye out for that!