[COVER] Tristan Prettyman – “Electric”

posted on: Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A new cover for you today! Yay! I’m getting a little braver each time. Here’s my cover of one of my favorite artist’s, Tristan Prettyman. This is her song, “Electric”. Hope you like it!

  • Love it, Katy! Please post more! :)

  • dee

    You have such a nice tone to your voice. :) ps. the guitar adds such a nice touch! mad props girlfriend.

  • Loved this, Katy.

  • Aw, thanks Diana! I will! Getting braver each time. :)

  • Thank you, Lauren!

  • Thank you, Dee! I appreciate it so much.

  • You have such a beautiful voice. I think this song suits you well. I’m so glad you got over your nervousness of sharing your voice with us. :-)

  • Lenore

    Fabulous Katy, I love this!! Keep posting girl!! xoxo

  • amanda

    beautiful! really! i love it! keep following your passions. and keep up with the videos, i love them