hello there, fall. goodbye there, fall.

posted on: Thursday, August 29, 2013

A couple weekends ago, Fall dropped in unexpectedly. Just for a few days, but long enough to give me that feeling I get every year, the first time I get to open the windows up after a sweltering summer. Like happiness and comfort. Do you know the feeling? That feeling of refreshment and joy when a cool breeze blows into the house. Fresh air just smells amazing, doesn’t it? Those few days were heaven! Thursday was in the low-mid 70’s and just gorgeous out. Adam was restless and declared that we just couldn’t stay inside. We just couldn’t. It was way too gorgeous outside. We had to postpone dinner and take the dogs out and do something. Now, we’re not super brave when it comes to taking the dogs out with us. They are two hyper-active two-year-old retrievers. It usually spells disaster. But, we recently decided that everything they have trouble with won’t get better if we avoid it. Such as long walks, taking them to social events or even just out for a drink. We decided we’d try a local brewery, Birdsong, since they have a large outdoor area.

The verdict? Success! Although it was a bit hairy at first, they calmed down a lot and did really well. The unlimited supply of peanuts certainly didn’t hurt the mission. It gave me hope that we can do this more once Fall really does arrive. It won’t be a moment too soon as today hit triple digits. I’m still trying to hold onto that feeling of joy with the cooler air until it returns. It can’t come soon enough!

  • We have an 8 month old dog, and this summer she had a lot of firsts; first hike, first trip to the beach, etc… It is intimidating bringing an excited dog into an unknown situation, but we are always glad when we do it!!

  • I love fall and I cannot wait! Some leaves have even started to turn here and I’m kinda hoping it will be an early one this year. I can’t wait for October.