What I’ve learned this week, so far…

posted on: Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So big news over here, I actually had a great Monday. I didn’t know such a thing existed outside of holidays or vacations but it does! They do exist! Adam had an early meeting at a local coffee shop and I decided to join him to get a head start on some client work. I accomplished a ton in a few short hours which felt wonderful, but that also could have been the yummy latte-high as well. Who knows?

Yesterday was fairly normal, except that my mom came into town since she was flying out of Charlotte and we went out for SUSHI! Sushi! One of my favorite foods ever. I would say my favorite, but I think I say that about every kind of food at least once a month. Food is my favorite, really. So I learned that I have inherited my mom’s soy sauce habits. You know the soy sauce dish for sushi? I feel like everyone has there method. Some like it plain, some with ginger or without. For me? I have to have lots of ginger and TONS of wasabi. Tons. We had to order an extra dish of wasabi, since we all love it so much. That feeling when you get a hunk of it and it goes straight to your nose and makes your head tingle? Oh man, It hurts so good.

So Monday’s can be great and soy-sauce-habit inheritances. That’s what I’ve learned so far this week. A pretty good start, if you ask me.

  • I love sushi. I tend to go for just a dunk of soy sauce. I love the ginger dressing you can get on salads at sushi restaurants.

  • Dee

    Yay! Glad you had a great Monday! I have had sushi twice this week already and I could probably have it another 7 times. Ha. ;)

  • The ginger dressing is SO GOOD! We had some of that as well.

  • Thanks, Dee! Oh my gosh, lucky girl! I could eat sushi every day.