Cloister Honey

posted on: Thursday, June 27, 2013

On Sunday, I was invited to join a few other Charlotte bloggers at Cloister Honey headquarters, which is really the owners home(which makes me love the company even more). We got to see the hives, learn how they make their amazing products and watched them extract the honey. I also dodged a few bees in the process of taking photos, but it was totally worth it.

Cloister Honey started when the wonderful Joanne gave her husband, Randall, a hive for Christmas when she couldn’t think of what else to get him. It started off as a hobby and years later, they are producing some amazing honey and really making a name for themselves here in Charlotte and in the region. Friends of ours were house sitting for their friends in DC and we saw the honey in their kitchen. People who had no connection to Charlotte. I really love their story and I’m all about supporting small businesses.

Okay so, fair warning, an ode to honey coming up now. You see, I love honey. Really love it. Like I used to stand in the kitchen pouring honey into my mouth kind of love. That is, until my husband reminded me that it’s pretty much pure sugar. I mean hey, at least it’s natural? I don’t pour it straight into my mouth anymore, nope. Now I just gracefully take a spoonful or two(or three). It’s one of my favorite things in this world, really. Getting to see the process, from hive to jar, was really interesting. Adam even got into the action, preparing a pallet of honey to go into the extractor by slicing off the wax caps to release the honey. Did you know that one bee will make just a drop of honey? So imagine how many bees it takes to make that jar I’m holding up there. A crazy amount, to be precise.

Before we left, they sent us home with some samples to try and a jar of their vanilla-infused honey. Oh my word, people. You don’t even know how good this stuff is! They have some great flavors including a bourbon honey, made with Woodford. Of course, their pure honey varietals are amazing as well. I highly recommend ordering some of this sweet goodness online.

Thanks for having us, Cloister Honey!

  • Yum! I love honey too. I usually add some peanut butter to my spoonfuls.

  • I go through so much honey: I love it! Vanilla-infused honey sounds divine.

  • YUM! This honey sounds amazing and what a lovely little blogger meet-up to see how honey’s made! I love that!