Ordinary weekends, I like you a lot

posted on: Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend whether you rested, worked or spent time getting things done. We chose the latter, for the most part. Traded in our iPhone 4s for iPhone 5s on Friday night at Best Buy which took a few hours. We did our usual grocery errands this weekend(Costco, Farmer’s Market, Trader Joes). Watched “Hungry For Change” right before grocery shopping which means our fridge is filled with veggies now. I want a cupcake. What else is new?

We had a lovely sushi date Saturday night. Took it super easy Sunday morning and watched church in our pajamas and later on we got to explore one of our favorite local businesses, Cloister Honey.

It was a great weekend. Sort of ordinary for the most part, I guess. But oh man, I do like ordinary weekends. Even if what we’re doing isn’t the most relaxing, I’m relaxing. Taking it a little bit easier, sleeping as long as I need to. The weekend: two beautiful days that fly by way too fast. In other news, I think I’ve still got a case of the Mondays and it’s almost Wednesday. How about you?

  • Dee

    I’m with you. Ordinary weekends are the best! :)