posted on: Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fireflies by Owl City on Grooveshark

We had a late night last night. Now, I must note that late night means pulling into the driveway around nine. We’re such homebodies. Anyway, we had a late night. As we pulled into the neighborhood, lightning bugs seemed to fill the air. I had seen (maybe) one so far this season a night, but they were out in full-force last night. If you know me, you know I’m not a bug-loving kind of girl. Ants freak me out(yes, ants) and give me the heebies and don’t even get me started on roaches. Oh and a spider was on me yesterday morning as we were driving to Adam’s office to drop him off and well, I hit new octaves. But lightning bugs? They just may be my favorite, right up there with lady bugs. I love them.

Driving home last night made me flashback to my first real trip to North Carolina. I was in college and went with my mom and her friend Sally to a small town near Asheville. Sally’s friend and her family live there, so we stayed with them. I grew up in Florida and spent hardly any time around mountains, so driving into North Carolina and seeing the mountains moved me so much. I had music playing on my iPod and just stared in awe. It was in those moments around such gorgeous works of nature that I felt closest to God.

One night, I was calling a friend of mine and had to step outside their house to get reception. I sat on the steps in that black night, surrounded by trees with stars filling the sky. As I was talking I had to stop. The fireflies were dancing all around me. I could hardly pay attention to what my friend was saying on the phone, I was mesmerized. It was this trip that made me fall in love with North Carolina and one of the reasons why I’m here now. Those North Carolina summers. The heat may not be my favorite, but I’ll take it for the fireflies alone.

  • This story is so beautifully written, Katy. I am constantly in awe of the majesty of God through His works here on Earth. :-)

  • Thank you, Jhan!