a dog and a row house and dreams of big cities

posted on: Friday, June 7, 2013

I wanted to snuggle this pup. Sitting outside of his home in Georgetown.

I loved this dog. Just relaxing in some gorgeous weather, on a beautiful day in Georgetown. I wanted to live in the home he leaned against. A classic row house in Washington D.C. I could have spent a few more hours in that lovely Georgetown. There was something about it I absolutely loved. So quaint, but still so much to do and see. Older shops, lots of brick. It reminded me of why I wanted to move out of Florida in the first place. There’s not much by way of classic architecture in Florida, at least where I grew up and in Orlando. Just mostly new construction. I just love places with history.

I also love places where you don’t need a car to get around and where there’s always something to do. Those big cities have my heart and always have. I love Charlotte, I do. But I dream of living in NYC someday, even if just for a year or two. Or DC, really. I could totally see us in DC. Until then, I’ll soak up the history here in North Carolina. There’s certainly plenty of it.

I promise this is my last post on DC, but I had forgotten this photo and stumbled across it and then I got all emotional about architecture, cities I wish to live in and cute puppies and well now it’s time to head to bed because friends don’t let friends blog while exhausted and I like to think I’m a friend of…mine. See? This why I’m signing off now. Random thoughts and run-on sentences.

On that note, happy weekend to you and you and yours!