What I learned this weekend

posted on: Monday, June 3, 2013

  • Car shopping is a sometimes-necessary evil that can take three hours, even after you repeatedly tell them you will not be buying that day.
  • My husband is awesome at handling these situations. I just sit and stare at Instagram hoping the whole process will be over soon.
  • We’re not going to buy a new car just yet. Partly because of what I mentioned above.
  • Adam and I are officially obsessed with Ticket To Ride. I play on his iPad and he uses his phone and we could easily spend hours playing.
  • We’re also super cool people. As evidenced in the line above.
  • I’m really excited for the end result of house hunting and car shopping. The process may not be the most fun thing in the world, but the results will be wonderful.
  • While I’m a good baker, I’m just no good with bread. Mainly dough of the pizza variety. It’s just too temperamental. Yep, it’s all the doughs fault really. Or the yeast. Yes, it’s the yeast I suspect. Okay, maybe I’m just no good at making dough at all and that’s the truth of it. I’ll work on it. It’s a new goal of mine to be able to make killer pizza dough.
  • Even a weekend full of responsibilities, errands, surviving three hours at a car dealership, and messing up the pizza dough can still be great. Because of him. He’s a good one, that Adam of mine.

  • Love this! Car shopping does not sound like much fun…luckily you have a patient husband to go through it all with you! :)

  • Mom

    Adam is the best!

  • Yes! Love you, mommacita.