it’s adult responsibility weekend, hooray

posted on: Friday, May 31, 2013

Dreaming of this. Sitting on the curb on a gorgeous day in DC eating delicious food and drinking blood orange San Pel at Eastern Market.

The theme of last weekend? Vacation. The theme of this weekend? Adult responsibilities. We’re going month-to-month on our lease, so it’s time to look for a new place to rent and our car doors are broken so it’s time to….well, either pay a lot of money to fix them or pay a lot of money for a new car. When you were a kid, didn’t being an adult sound like fun? I thought I’d be able to stay up super late, eat nothing but ice cream anytime of the day and play with my food with no repercussion. Well now I’m tired by eleven, eating nothing but ice cream would do nothing for my figure and playing with food is just uncivilized when you’re an adult. SOMEONE WARN THE OTHER KIDS! BEING AN ADULT ISN’T AS FUN AS WE THOUGHT!

But then again, we get a new place to live(with hopefully a fireplace and backyard for the pups), possibly a nice new car with doors that work and I get to hangout with my partner in crime all weekend doing the boring stuff with maybe a slurpee or two thrown in for good measure. Maybe it’s not that bad after all. But don’t forget the slurpees.

Hope you’re weekend is full of more fun stuff than boring stuff!