..and we’re off! Almost.

posted on: Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DC, watch out, these two crazies are coming for a visit.

We’re almost off to DC! Almost. Just one sleep and a half-day of work for Adam and we’re going, going, gone. I cannot believe it’s here! It’s been quite a few years since we’ve had a vacation. I say it’s our first real one since our honeymoon, but Adam pointed out that we did a North Carolina road trip a few years ago so I’ll give him that one.

I had my first day on Monday at my new job and it went very well. It just feels good to be contributing to my household again and to be offering my skills somewhere. It’s good for the ole heart, you know?


Off to DC tomorrow. I’ll be lugging my camera around everywhere to document the trip, so expect a few posts about it next week. I’ll also be posting on Instagram as well. Until then, I’m off to get ready. Working today, cleaning the house later, laundry, packing, losing my mind a little. The usual.

  • Angela

    Congrats on the new job girl! I am way behind on my blog reading… What kind of job is it? Have a great vacation!!

  • Thank you so much, Angela!! I haven’t talked about it before this post, so no worries! I’m the communications manager for a startup company here in Charlotte. :)