A gray, gray weekend

posted on: Monday, May 6, 2013

This weekend was fun despite the deep, thick and misty gray clouds that filled the sky like insulation surrounding a home. It’s so hard to wake up on dark days, isn’t it? Come on out anytime, sun, we miss you dearly. Luckily, it didn’t rain on Saturday because we helped some friends move all day. I tell you, you know you have good people in your life when you leave their house after eight hours of moving and say “man, that was fun”. Perhaps it was more fun because it wasn’t our stuff we were moving, but still. Great people, great time. The weather was cool and windy, which made the moving more enjoyable as well. I’ll take cloudy and cool over hot and humid any day. Call me crazy.

But then Sunday. Oh Sunday. Adam wasn’t feeling well and I couldn’t wake up in what had become not only gray and cloudy skies, but now rainy as well. A constant stream of drizzles and downpours. Oh me oh my, this weather puts me in a semi-comatic state for the greater part of the day. Is it seriously May? We spent most of the day driving around looking at neighborhoods we’d potentially like to call “home” some day. Not sure when that will happen, but it’s always nice to dream and plan, you know? We joke that driving around Charlotte is one of my favorite past times only we’re completely serious. Put some good music on the CD player and I’m good to go.

And now today…

Still gray. Still rainy. Still dreary. But my soul is not. She’s rarin’ to go. Bring it on, week. Oh and when I say “it”, I mean the sun of course.