DC, here we come

posted on: Monday, April 22, 2013


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Next month we’re taking our first, real vacation since our honeymoon. We’ve taken small trips and had day adventures that we tied in with other things, but this is truly a vacation and we can’t wait! It’s so needed. We were deciding between a couple different places, but finally chose to head to DC. Since food and drink usually top our to-do lists, DC and it’s free museums leave us extra money to splurge a little more on dining. We spent a half-day there three years ago when I went to a blogging conference and we had the BEST time in just a few short hours. Having a few days to really explore the city is going to be a ton of fun.

So this is where we need your help, all you DC folks. Where must we eat, drink and go while in Washington D.C. next month? Any recommendations on affordable and nice hotels? Thanks for the help!

  • Hi Katy!
    I’m originally from the DC metro area so here are my (mostly food) suggestions:
    – Places to eat:
    – Founding Farmers (DC) – best brunch/lunch/dinner! I miss their french toast and carrot cake pancakes and chicken + waffles and fresh salads. Pretty much everything ;) make reservations!
    – Yogiberry (Shirlington, VA) – best froyo
    – Palena (DC) – best burger and (fancy) desserts; make reservations!
    – El Pollo Rico (arlington, va) – the best peruvian chicken!! or go to Edy’s chicken and steak for the second best peruvian chicken and yucca fries. yum
    – cafe rio (alexandria, va) – best quick service mexican food. I like their salads better than chipotle
    – julia’s empanadas (adams morgan, dc) – SO GOOD! if you go there, then also go to Tryst (a coffeeshop across the street) and get a frozen washington carver. it tastes like a pb/mocha smoothie.
    – Shilla (annandale, va) – best korean baked goods. pass on the coffee
    – Peregrine – best mocha. also good are baked & wired, chinatown coffee company, and qualia.
    – Pound – great coffee and delicious breakfast croissant sandwiches. Right in Capitol Hill area if you’re sightseeing there.
    – Eden center (VA) – Song Que Deli has the best banh mi (viet sandwiches) and boba!
    -Places to go:
    – cherry blossoms – they might be gone by the time you visit but it’s worth walking around the grounds!
    – national mall
    – zoo, smithsonian, arlington national cemetary – all free
    – georgetown – cute shops, cute row houses. skip georgetown cupcakes. they aren’t that good… instead go to baked & wired for coffee and a sweet treat!
    – adams morgan – nice, lively neighborhood. lots of bars.
    -Places to sleep – I’m not too sure about this one but airbnb might be worth checking out. I’ve had some good luck using that website in the past. Also staying in arlington instead of DC will probably be a bit cheaper. If you stay near a metro station, then it’s easy to get in and out of DC anyway.

    Sorry this is so long winded but I kind of miss some of the food from there ;) hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions!

  • ammanddaaaaaa

    we have used priceline.com 2x for vacations and both time we LOVeD LOVED LOVED our hotel! it can be a bit risky but we have never been disapointed.

    annnnnnnnnnd i forgot the name but nick took us to this AWESOME pizza place that had gluten free pizza too…needess to say it was amaaaaaaaaaaazing!

  • Ted’s Bulletin
    Good Stuff
    Matchbox pizza
    eastern market/union market
    tarbouch- in nova
    library of congress

    (I live in dc now)

  • We have reservations for Founding Farmers! With so many people recommending it, we couldn’t pass it up. So the chicken and waffles are good?! Anything else you’d recommend we eat there? This list has me SO excited for DC!! I was planning on Georgetown cupcake, but I’ll pass if the line is long. Sprinkles cupcakes is also near there, so I was thinking of getting one or two from each place. ;) Now I’ll add Baked and Wired to the list! I also LOVE Bahn Mi, so I’ll definitely be trying some in DC!

  • Yay! I’m so excited for you guys! Yep, the chicken and waffles are good. If you’re going for brunch, the pancakes (I had carrot cake but they also have red velvet) and french toast are so so so good. If you’re going for lunch/dinner, lots of people get fried green tomatoes (I haven’t tried them but people rave about them), popcorn, or corn bread to start. The last time I was there, I had their catch of the day (I think it was wahoo) which was really fresh and cooked perfectly. The sides are amazing – I had garden squash and asparagus salad but they change these according to the season. I’ve heard great things about the chicken pot pie, meatloaf, and flank steak as well.

    Yes, please don’t wait in line for Georgetown cupcakes. I’ve had cupcakes from there twice and they were disappointing both times. Go for Sprinkles and Baked & Wired for cupcakes (and coffee!).

    Have a great time! Can’t wait to read about your visit on your blog later! :)