baby it’s warm outside

posted on: Monday, March 11, 2013

Did I ever mention how last year was the year of shoe destruction? I’m serious. My dogs ate at least three pairs and I lost a pair of Sperry’s to significant mud-soakage. It was a sad loss, indeed.

I’m just coming to understand the love of shoes. Yes, it’s taken me about 25 years to get here and now I finally get it. SHOES! Shoes are a glorious thing and something I am without more than a few pair of. I just want a pair in every color of every style. Is that too much to ask? [Hint: Yes]

So this new shoe love. I have a really small collection. This is probably why in the cold weather months, I live in my boots. I have a brown pair and a black pair, one for every outfit. So I’m set when the weather is cold. But for warm weather? Well after last year, I’m just left with two pairs of heels and a pair of orange sandals. Seen here. I need some new flats [this outfit was dying for a pair of red flats] and perhaps another pair of sandals and wedges and ankle boots for spring. Oh and new oxfords since those were one of the dog-destroyed pairs.

Moving on now..

This weekend was warm! Now, the 60 degree weather wouldn’t dare be considered “warm” territory in Florida, but here? Oh it was sweet relief after a very cold winter. I will never complain about the cold [I’d rather be cold than sweating], but I have to say that I am quite excited about spring! The gorgeous warm weather just beckons us to be outside. I finally got to wear shorts outside when we went for a hike yesterday and those casper legs are a sad sight. They practically reflected the sunlight right off of them. The better to light up those new shoes my feet are hoping for. Ahem. Right?


Sweater: Old Navy [similar]

Sandals: Target [similar]

Skinnies: Urban Outfitters

Tank: Old Navy [similar]

Necklace: Forever 21

  • I am always pale, so I know what you mean when you say casper-white legs, hah! Last year I sunburned my knees. Only tan spot on my body. There may have been self-tanner involved in fixing the rest, because my knees stuck out markedly for a while!

    I also have a love for shoes, but I’m odd: I love running shoes. And my wedding shoes. I’m just now starting to build a love for regular, every-day shoes, and it may become a pricey habit, haha.

  • I don’t think I will ever be down to less than 10 pair. It’s a sad sick confession I have. I should just donate (hide?) them all so I can go shopping for new like you can! Enjoy the warm weather…it’s only in the 40’s by me. Warm weather vibes north please :)

  • Adorable! I just love the coral sandals and that sweater is so cozy. And that gold necklace against the stripes is so classy. Love it!

  • love the pop of orange shoes in this outfit. love love love shoes, welcome to the club!