the way music ties to memories

posted on: Friday, March 8, 2013


From my trip back home in January.

Goodness, it’s Friday people! I have hardly any words left in me for the week. I’m so looking forward to another relaxing weekend. I hope.

Tonight I’m going to a show with Jen to see the lovely Tristan Prettyman and Anya Marina. I am so excited to finally see Tristan live. Her music brings me back to summers in Fort Lauderdale, driving around with the windows down. Her first album was on repeat right before I left for college and during my first year. So many memories and feelings tied into that album.

I remember finding her first album. I do. I was in Barnes and Noble on University Blvd. in Plantation, Florida. Right by house at the time. I was on the hunt for some new music. I remember that was right around when they first began letting you listen to albums through their giant headphones. It took me about five seconds to decide that Tristan’s album “twenty three” was going to be amazing. I was right. I’ve quickly snatched up each album since that one as they’ve come out and well, if you don’t know her. You should really get to know her.

Her music is fantastic and perfect for spring and summer, which are right around the corner. You know what’s even closer? The weekend. Enjoy it, friends!

  • I love how strongly music and memories are tied!! Have a great weekend. :)