the days i’m stranded at home

posted on: Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Days like this, I have mixed feelings about. Let me start by saying that I won’t complain about having the option to work from home right now, I am incredibly grateful for it and there are most definitely more ups than downs. But, I definitely have to fight a little more for the energy to get everything done and for less distractions. When I can get out of the house, get some fresh air and get in a new environment oh, it does wonders for me. But days like today, when the husband has to go to work so early and it makes more sense for me to stay home? These days are a little bit groggier. It’s always a two-cups-of-coffee kind of day. I’m not sure why. It might be because our house is so dark. It might be because I have to deal with two dogs whose behavior varies from day-to-day. Thankfully today is a good day.

Maybe it’s just knowing I can’t really get anywhere fast? I mean, in case of an emergency say a desperate need for sugar or something, I can walk down the road a few miles, but that’s just a whole lot of work for sugar. It’s all mental.

Then again, I do get the chance to pick up around the house and do my maintenance cleaning which helps us feel so much better at the end of each and every day. I also get to do my coconut oil hair mask the right way, hair cap and all. I’m looking really attractive right now, I tell ya. I’m hoping I get at least an hour with this on before the dogs beg to go out, or they’ll have to hold it. I will go out to walk them in bright blue pajama pants, but I draw the line at shower cap adorned with little owls.

But those dogs. I sense a theme for blog posts this week. All about the dogs. There are days where Nola is barking at every little noise, creak, sound, song, horn, breaks, anything she hears outside, a doorbell on the television, or a slight movement of wind outside of our window. While Penny Lane is on the love seat whining away the day.

Here’s something about Penny Lane, she doesn’t open her mouth often and she rarely barks. It’s a strange thing. She can look totally content and be whining up a storm. If you had headphones, you wouldn’t know the difference. She also whines when she has to go out and paces like a madwoman at the same time. Multi-tasking. Some days she whines every fifteen minutes, like clockwork, to go outside. Maybe two out of the twenty times I end up taking her out that day does she do anything.

I really do appreciate days where I’m a bit stranded. It forces me to get stuff done at home, take care of the house and my pups. But luckily it’s only one or two days a week that this happens. For the sake of my own sweet sanity.