penny lane people watching

posted on: Monday, March 4, 2013

I took a bunch of photos of the our pups this weekend. They’re my absolute favorite models, I’ll have you know. They pose without knowing it and make me tip-toe to grab my camera at a moment’s notice, hoping they won’t move. They were extra photogenic this weekend and I captured some good ones. This one of Penny Lane is probably my favorite from the weekend. She loves to sit on that couch and watch the squirrels, the birds and people walking past our cul-de-sac. She could sit there staring all day if we let her.

  • That picture is adorable!!! I love taking pics of our dogs! They always give me that “really mom” annoyed look! Lol

  • Love this photo – and I agree about dogs being the best at posing unintentionally!

    Do you have any tips for photographing Penny Lane, since she is primarily black? I have a hard time with Olive and Miss Kitty sometimes since they are so dark – our poor lighting and black couch don’t help either though!

  • Thanks Chelsea! I know, it’s like they know. Wait until you see tomorrow’s pictures!

  • It’s definitely tough! I open the photos in Photoshop Elements, adjust the levels until I can see her a bit better and use actions. Pioneer Woman had some free ones on her site!