my brain on passion

posted on: Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I wish I had something witty to say right now, but my mind is blank. I’m talking zero, zilch, nada. My head is zapped, I’m exhausted and it’s barely Wednesday. That’s a sign of good things for the rest of the week, right?

It’s been a wonderful week, don’t get me wrong. One of those weeks where your path is laid in front of you and you feel clarity for the first time in a long time. It’s been that kind of wonderful. I think all of the excitement has worn me out, in the best way possible. I’ve been needing a little clarity on where I’m supposed to be and what I am supposed to do career-wise and I have a great idea that I can’t wait to run with soon and new opportunities being presented to me. I have so much work to do, but I’m ready!

I also can’t wait to share with you everything that’s going on in my head at the moment, but you don’t want to go there right now. Right now you’d need ten good maps and a solid GPS, but even that’ll have you taking the wrong slight right and end up leaving you fifty miles in the wrong direction. My brain on passion, that is. I really can’t wait to share everything going on, but until then let’s just say that I’m thrilled. Thrilled!


Jacket: H&M

Shirt: American Eagle

Scarf: Purchased in Italy

Jeans: Old Navy

Boots: Frye


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  • adorable! our sweaters look almost identical this week!

    If you want to take a look, here are my outfits for the week:

  • Kassie

    You’re so pretty! A natural beauty with a fresh look! Love this outfit! Can never go wrong with stripes! Stopping by from the pleated poppy!

  • My mind is like that almost always.I can’t wait to find the ‘good news’! :-)

  • Kassie, that’s the best kind of compliment. You’re so sweet. Thank you so much! Hope you stop by again soon!

  • Glad to know that I’m not alone!

  • Thank you! Yes, I did take a look. Got to love those stripes, right?!

  • Cute look! And if you’re going to be exhausted, it’s always better when it’s for good/exciting reasons. :)

  • LOVE this look girl. ADORABLE!

  • I’m loving the military jacket! I have one from Old Navy that you’ve inspired me to pull out :) Also, those boots are amazing.

  • Thank you! Absolutely. Exhausted for good things is the best kind of exhaustion there is!

  • Thanks Lindsay!

  • Very cute, and I love that jacket!

    Visiting from What I Wore Wednesday. :)

  • Cute outfit! Love the pop of color with the red scarf.
    Jessica @ FashionWorthyWannabe

  • love that red scarf with your utility jacket!

    C’s Evolution of Style

  • Thank you, Erika! Yes, pull it out! I wear mine a ton. It’s so comfy and adds so much to a normally boring outfit. Especially in winter, you need fun jackets to get through it! Right? My boots were a gift! I can’t stop wearing them. Soon I won’t be able to, so I’m wearing them as much as possible before Spring hits. ;) Hope you’ll come by again soon!

  • Thank you Mariah! I really appreciate you stopping by and hope you’ll come around again soon!

  • Thanks Jessica!

  • Thank you, Chioma!