when good friends get together

posted on: Thursday, February 21, 2013

There’s just something about good friends, you know? Like when you finally get together for the first time in a while and the conversation just doesn’t seem to end and you feel you could just sit there for hours. You sip your beverages of choice and laugh at the most random topics. For girls, it’s usually subjects that would have our significant others eye-rolling their way into another room, but they’re not around to do so. No sir! It’s just you and a few of your good girlfriends and wine. Oh and an ice cream sundae bar, because really someone was just brilliant and invited us over for sundaes. And good conversation. It was one of those nights where I sat down, looked around, and realized how truly blessed I am to have the people around me that I do. So very blessed. Sometimes I focus too much on people who just fill me with anxiety, trying to please everyone when I have the opportunity to pour into relationships with people who are worth my time and energy. It’s not always easy, oh no, but the outcome of pouring into the good ones? Oh friends, It’s life-anchoring.

Speaking of good friends, would you say a prayer for one of mine?

I won’t get into specifics, but it’s health issues within her family.

Any and all prayers for her and her family are so appreciated, thank you!

  • so glad that you are mkaing good friends there:) what a gift. i wish i could be seeing u next week!!!

  • There is something really therapeutic and restorative about being with girlfriends. I love my guy and he is the one he knows me best, but nothing compares to hanging out with my girls. They are so important to me.

  • It is a gift. I’m so spoiled over my friendships in Orlando. :] I wish I could be seeing you too!! So much! But I know you’re going to be plenty busy and I hope you feel so loved on and comforted by being home! Praying for your trip!! Love you, friend!

  • Absolutely, there is nothing like it. I love my husband too, but there’s a certain comfort of just being around other women and not being afraid to talk about things that we wouldn’t normally discuss with our guys. Not that we can’t share everything with them, we can, but they can’t relate the way our girlfriends can. There are also many subjects guys don’t want to talk about! It’s definitely like a breath of fresh air when we get together!

  • Girl time is good for the soul. Totally agree!

  • Yes!