my date with a flake or two…million.

posted on: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So this weekend will go down in history in the world of…me. Bear with me for a moment as I desperately need to document this day. Saturday will be burned into my memory forever as the day that snow fell in my own backyard for the very first time. Not just the little flurries I posted about Saturday morning, oh no. This came later and consisted of big, fat flakes and the whole city turning different shades of gray and blue. Finally, I got my snow day. I was about ready to give up on the whole idea, you see. Ready to say good riddens and move onto spring already without even a tiny trace of snow. I know I talk a lot about it on my blog and I know it’s overkill, but that’s all I’ve really wanted since I moved here from Florida. SNOW! It has always alluded me. I called myself a snow jinx constantly. Well, snow jinx no more!

We were on our way to a movie when weather man Brad tweeted that a system of snow was on it’s way and would be expected to arrive in the middle of our movie. Adam suggested we skip the movie, but I didn’t want to make him miss it just for a system that may or may not appear. Then he said he wanted to see the snow just as much as I did and, well, there you have it. So U-turn we did and headed right back home. Within thirty minutes of being home, sleet fell for a minute or two and we were confused, thinking that was it. Oh no. Five minutes later, the flakes were falling like crazy.The snow came down quickly and covered everything but the warm streets with a blanket of white. We ran outside, me with my camera and Penny in tow for the first little bit and Adam with Nola. I’m not lying when I say I heard people in our neighborhood, a few streets down, cheering. Our neighbors came out and we stood outside, throwing snowballs and soaking it all in at that moment. It was amazing. My hands froze, my nose turned red and it was glorious. Appendage-numbingly glorious. Our dogs got to play in it for the first time and Nola couldn’t help but rub her face all over the yard.

It’s been three days since the flakes fell and turned what looked (and felt) like springtime just the day before into a veritable winter wonderland. The green has returned leaving no evidence that flakes even fell from the sky over my fair city. But it happened.

Thank you, snow, for visiting. You made a dream come true this weekend.*

*This is not a dramatization. I really do love snow this much. I’m a bit ridiculous, I know.

  • Where in NC do you live! I’m going to assume close to us? lol I just posted snow pictures yesterday as well.

    Love the snow!

  • Hey Amanda! We’re in Charlotte. Love your photos! Our snow was coming down so hard and fast that my hair was soaked before I could get any cute pictures. ;)

  • Haha. Your excitement for snow makes me so happy. Living in the Northeast, it’s not much of a big deal here… but being from an island (even after having lived here almost 18 years), I get pretty excited over snow too. :-)
    And I seriously love the snippet of your pup enjoying the snow.

  • That’s awesome! I know so many people are rolling their eyes at me, but it really made my winter! Oh and just you wait! Adam made a video of her rubbing her face in the snow. Posting it in a little bit.

  • I looooove the snow too! We have gotten a decent amount this winter, but getting more tonight… it makes me feel like I am a kid again looking out the window and hoping for a snow day, haha!

    Love your Hunter boots! Mine have gotten a ton of use this winter :)

  • Ah! Lucky you, Jacquelynn. Enjoy your snow for me. I miss it already! Hunter boots are my favorite! I love them. They were practically glued to my feet this weekend.

    P.S. – Congrats on your baby boy!!

  • OK so I was browsing your site and think it’s HILARIOUS that you mentioned Brad! I just wrote a post about the snow on Monday and mentioned how much I love him. LOL Such a small world :)

  • Ha, seriously! I am glued to his weather reports! I’m so spoiled having a weatherman so passionate about his job and social media. If I move anywhere else, I will always be disappointed with our weather reporters.

  • This is so sweet! The calm after a snow storm is so pretty, I love the stop sign picture!

  • Thank you so much!

  • These pics are GORGEOUS. WOW!

  • Aw, thank you Lindsay! The snow makes everything look pretty, so It’s sort of cheating. ;)