saturday snow

posted on: Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snow! We have snow! Okay, it was fat flakes for a couple of minutes and now it’s rain, but I’ll take it! The first snowflakes to fall outside of my home EVER. So I’ve thought about it and It’s really my equivalent of the groundhog NOT seeing his shadow. Spring can now officially arrive and I’d be completely okay with it. I just needed a little smidge of snow outside my door. I must say, I am one happy, happy girl this morning. We made delicious french press coffee and cinnamon buns because we just had to celebrate the first snow flakes in Charlotte in two years with sweets and good coffee. Considering I rarely buy cinnamon buns and just happened to have a roll on hand for this occasion, well it just made my day even better! Also, please excuse the first two photos. I had to capture the moment, but I had been awake all of ten minutes when they were taken. Worth it.

Happy snow all you Charlotteans and happy Saturday to you, you and you!

  • Elena

    hey girl! totally random question… when did you get those salad plates? we got the dinner sized plates from home goods on fairview around thanksgiving, and we were desperate for the salad plates but they weren’t carrying them!

    we must have missed the snow this morning, but i’m enjoying the cozy rain :) have a great weekend!

  • Hey! I got both sets as a Christmas gift. I believe they were from TJ Maxx in the mountains. If I see them around, I’ll be sure to let you know!