we made room for dessert

posted on: Friday, February 15, 2013

I don’t know about you, my Valentine’s day was sweet(pun totally intended). We had dessert planned for a week, but we couldn’t decide on dinner until that night. I mean, dessert is all that matters anyway. We ended up buying a few things to munch on throughout the night. Fresh baked rosemary olive oil bread, olives, cheese. We could live on bread and cheese, you know. I really could have had that for dinner alone and been completely satisfied but this is Valentine’s day, people. We feast on Valentine’s day! We feast, I tell you!

I also made one of Adam’s favorites: chicken, apricot and brie pockets. After our second course, I was absolutely stuffed to the brim to the point of barely being able to breathe, but Adam had prepped Roy’s Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle. Let me just say, as the recipe card states, we found room for dessert. It was amazing! It’s not a traditional souffle, it’s actually much, much easier to make and still just as decadent. My husband used to be a pastry chef, but I’m the one who usually bakes. Babe, you’re hired. I’ll put you down for souffles every week from now on, deal? Deal! Fabulous.

Happy weekend, friends.

I’m hoping to get a little shopping done(thank you, gift cards).

I’m helping also a friend with a fun project by modeling for a shoot on Sunday, can’t wait to tell you all about it!

  • Glad you enjoyed your Valentines Day! That dinner sounds fantastic followed by that lava cake souffle’ OMGosh! YUM! And I would love a cheese and olive plate.

  • Meaghan Viggiani

    The next time we are up in NC (hopefully in the next 6 weeks sometime), we should all get together! Mike and Adam would have a lot of fun in the kitchen together, I think. And well, someone has to be the taste testers, right? ;)