if you clean you get confetti

posted on: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

As I began to write this, I realized I was a bit short on words. I spent most of the day cleaning my heart out and perhaps the cleaner fumes have seeped into my noggin leaving me fairly speechless. I must say though, now that it’s done, a clean/organized house is kind of an amazing thing. I have a hard time maintaining this level of cleanliness. I keep it generally clean, but when life gets busy it’s the last thing I want to worry about. I rush to make the outside of everything look clean, but hidden inside drawers and behind closet doors lies a mess.

So, I’m setting up a little schedule for myself. Each day I will dedicate 15-30 minutes on a small portion of the house. That way, I never have to spend an entire day(or two) cleaning it. It’ll always be clean and never take up too much time. I figure it’s best to get this lovely habit down pat before we have kids, because Lord knows that’s only going to make it more difficult to keep clean. So hold me to this, okay? This is borderline resolution-talk and we know those are never easily kept.

Oh and those pictures up there? That’s confetti the universe sent me whilst I was emptying the office trashcan. Perhaps the universe was rubbing it in my face in a “HA! Way to go champ. Have fun cleaning up these little morsels of fun” sort of way. Or perhaps the universe was just saying, “Hooray! You’re cleaning! Here’s some confetti to celebrate!” Yes, I much prefer the latter. I’m just thankful for the Dyson which scooped those bad boys up before my dogs could even take one lick at them.

Look at that, turns out I wasn’t as short on words as I thought. Now where’s my confetti?

  • Mom

    Oh my darling daughter…once you experience the lightness of of an organized clean home, you may never go back!

  • Momma always knows best!

  • So wonderful! I think I would clean a lot more if I was rewarded with confetti! Kind of defeats the purpose of cleaning though I guess?