frozen yogurt on a freezing evening

posted on: Friday, February 8, 2013

I was having an off evening yesterday, so Adam suggested we head out to fro-yo and really who am I to say no to fro-yo? Okay so it was probably the coldest night in a couple weeks and raining, but that’s not enough to keep me away from the good stuff. I actually forgot to bring my phone and my camera was in the car so there’s no documentation, but it most definitely happened.

(Not so) fun fact: I’m a really fast eater, so I scarfed down my entire bowl of frozen yogurt in about two minutes and sat shivering while Adam finished his. Quite the sight, but so worth it.

On our way home we realized we needed eggs for breakfast, but it was so cold and I hadn’t yet recovered from the post-frozen-dairy-eating consequence that was the incessant shivering. Adam graciously offered to run into the store and I sat in the car for ten whole minutes without my iPhone. TEN. Gasp! What is a girl to do to keep herself entertained with no PHONE? I mean really, how did we used to wait in the car for more than a minute before smart phones?

Luckily, I noticed my camera in the backseat and took incredibly random photos of the cold rain, my rain boots, and things around the car. My ten minutes was slightly more productive than if I’d had my phone, but I won’t be leaving that home again. No sirree. Productivity is for chumps.

On that incredibly random note, HAPPY WEEKEND! So happy it’s Friday. I see the cleaning, organizing, selling, donating(and hopefully lots of trashing) of things in my future. Yep, I’m planning on being a chump. I’m just so ready to finish decluttering this house!

Anyone else have any fun plans?

Hopefully you do and hopefully they’re more fun than mine.

  • Jes

    Do you use a template for posting photos in your blog? I am currently trying to find a template I like.

  • Hey Jes! Nope, I don’t use a template. I keep my photos the width of my content below them. For the side-by-side photos, I edit those in Photoshop Elements and keep it to 700px as well. I use Ecto to blog and just adjust as necessary and play around with where the photos are placed. I also upload all my photos to Photobucket.

  • For ten bored minutes, you got some pretty awesome photos! I’m dying for a pair of Hunter boots–so jealous!

  • Why, thank you! I got them as a Christmas gift a few years ago. Love them!