he’s home, hooray!

posted on: Thursday, February 7, 2013

Adam was in DC all week and now I have him home! All to myself! Poor guy finally arrived home around 7:30 last night after an eleven-hour travel day. I could only do one thing. I mean, there was really only one thing to do. Why, make a pit stop on the way home for Velveeta and hot dogs, of course. I gave Adam the option of Chick-Fil-A or shells, cheese and hotdog goodness. He chose the latter and I happily obliged. I mean, the man spent the whole entire day traveling and has to go back to work early tomorrow morning, the least I could do was cook up some technicolor yellow shells and hot dogs. I mean it was the lower-fat Velveeta shells and turkey hot dogs so that makes up for it, right? It was a comfort food kind of night. And now he’s back home and that’s the most comforting thing of all. Hooray!

  • I love, LOVE that you made him Velveeta and hot dogs. Such a classic comfort food. One of my favorites :)

  • Ha, seriously! A total classic.

  • So sweet! Joshua and I just had Kraft Mac & Cheese and added Pepperjack cheese… glad we aren’t the only “cheesy” lovers out there, bwahaha!!! #nerdalert

  • Ha! Oh, I am practically part cheese. We love cheese so much!

  • This is a beautiful picture!

  • Thank you, Rachel!