on the mend

posted on: Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh my word!! Who knew a weekend home could take so much out of a person? I was home for my sister’s baby shower so it was go-go-go from the minute we arrived and I am EXHAUSTED! Many things are exhausting me lately, which was fully revealed to me today when I spent the entire day on the couch with my eyes closed, trying to get over the most awful headache. The kind of headache that makes getting anything done impossible. It wasn’t a very good day, you see.

Luckily, I’m on the mend now. There’s something about finally feeling better after feeling absolutely miserable for a while. It’s pure relief, I tell you. PURE RELIEF! I’ll be ready to conquer the day tomorrow but until then, I’m giving myself a bit of a break.

Before I sign off for the night, I’d like to thank God, my husband, Excedrin Migraine, Ben and Jerry for their help in my feeling better tonight. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the ability to look at a computer screen(or even just stand up) for more than a minute. I owe you guys one. Like a random, meaningless acceptance speech for nothing but a headache-less noggin’.

Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.

  • So glad you are feeling better!

    Also: I love that photo of you! I know its not a glamour shot, but the composition and your expression is so real and great. :)

  • So happy you are feeling more yourself! busy weekends CAN be exhausting. Last weekend was a “do nothing weekend” for us, and it was so restful, even when I was running around the house like a madwoman because I was antsy to DO. I ended up going for a short run, where I was reminded that we all need downtime, time to rest, time to be.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  • waht an adorable shower!

  • Thank you, Becka!

  • Downtime is so needed to prevent burnout. Luckily, I think we’re having a pretty low-key weekend this weekend. Just what I need! Have a great weekend, Deva!

  • Oh thank you, Kelly! It’s my bare-faced, got sick, dealt with a migraine all day face. I just felt weak, but took a photo for Adam to show how pitiful I was practically napping in my poofy jacket. Sometimes those are the most honest moments and I had to share that.

  • Funny…Ben and Jerry has been helping me a lot too while I’ve been sick! Those guys are always there :) Hope you’re feeling much better!