flu shots bring friends together

posted on: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Had to share this snapshot of my friend Mandy and me from ten days ago. You see, I know it what exactly ten days ago because it was right after our flu shots and I was told it takes 10-14 days for a flu shot to kick in and start fighting off those evil germs. Call me paranoid, but my poor hands are so dry from the excessive hand washing and cups and cups of antibacterial hand gel I slather on my hands hourly. Must not get sick.

This was from a couple weeks ago when we were in Orlando. Mandy and I only had time to see each other at Target while we both picked up a few things. So we did. She mentioned she was getting a flu shot and heck, if I was ever going to get the shot, it was going to be then. I should probably mention that this was also the week where the flu epidemic was all over the media and I was convinced that if I got the flu I would die. Only not really die, but I was still a bit worried.

This was actually the first year I got the flu shot. One of the things that always stopped me was the fear of getting the flu anyway, even after the money was spent and the needle had pricked my arm (the jerk). Hence said paranoid actions. I must say though, if you’re going to get the flu shot you might as well get it with one of your closest friends. We’re a certified walking Target pharmacy ad up there, aren’t we?

  • I have asthma, so I get a flu shot every year. This year, I got a pneumonia vaccine. Which is great, because someone clsoe to me got a lung infection and ALMOST got pneumonia from it, which means I had a very close call this year (respiratory illnesses can put me in the hospital).

    Love you rocking those bandaids!

  • Oh goodness, Deva! SO glad you got the vaccine and were okay. I hope your friend is okay as well! That’s scary! Thank goodness for vaccines!