First birthdays are the best

posted on: Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This weekend we headed down south to Florida to celebrate our sweet niece’s very first birthday! They only get the first one once, right? So we packed up the cars, those two crazy pups(aka our children) and drove on down to the sunshine state. Our dogs are super photogenic in the car. I’m saying the cutest poses ever while they practically cuddled each other. I posted a picture or two on Instagram, but decided to save a few just for the blog.

I’m just saying.

Saturday was Lucy’s day! Prepare for sweet baby photos. There are plenty of them. We hung out at the house, the guys grilled up some burgers and we munched before letting Lucy dig into her funfetti birthday cake. She won’t remember this day, but we certainly will. Get ready for the sweetest photos and I’m not just talking about the one with the slice of cake.

It was so cute to watch her enjoy her cake and while she ended up messier than these photos suggest, she came away fairly unscathed by cake pieces and thick frosting. A little in the hair for good measure, but that was about it.

We’re probably still a ways away from having little ones of our own so for now, I will take plenty of opportunity to love on my sweet niece and nephews. My sister is expecting her first babe and I CAN’T WAIT! A sweet little boy. Keep those babies coming, siblings! We’ll just be living vicariously through you for now.

  • I can’t wait to have nieces and nephews. I’m not ready to have kids yet…I just wish my sister would start! :)

  • Ha, I’m SO happy my brother-in-law and his wife finally had one. My half-brother has an 8-year-old, but I barely get to see them so it’s been fun having the baby around. Soon there will be two! Keep working on your sister, she has to break sometime. ;)

  • Aww, she is so cute :) So are the pups in the car- all cuddly. Clyde spends most of his time in the car poised against the window looking out!

  • So cute! I love that Clyde.