the laziest

posted on: Tuesday, January 8, 2013

If I took more than a few photos this weekend, they’d probably all look like this one. We had the l a z i e s t weekend. And it was GOOD! We spent half of Saturday on the couch. The first week back after Christmas feels so long, even though it’s a short week. We were pretty tired after our sleep schedules were so out-of-whack from the holidays. We did head out for a few errands and to enjoy a couples baby shower with our church life group that included pizza, wings and cupcakes. That’s my kind of baby shower. Although, we did have to sample baby food for one of the games. I liked the banana, but the mac and cheese? Not so much. Sunday we enjoyed a great sermon at church and then spent a good portion of the day at home. I watched episodes of Nashville(started and caught up completely this weekend) and it’s officially my favorite show right now. SO good! Adam watched football and we made burgers. It was a wonderful and uneventful weekend. Sometimes that’s just what I need.

  • lazy weekends at home are the best! especially when the weather is gloomy! we did pretty much the same thing, made some soup and watched movies and tv :) so relaxing, definitely what you need sometimes.

  • Slightly green with envy! :) As weekends like yours approach, by Friday I’ve filled up every square inch with laundry lists of to-do’s. Our children have learned to be spontaneous with Mommy’s need to be busy, busy. Yet, my body is screaming for a day like yours — feet up and relaxed! Kudos to you!