pulling a peter pan

posted on: Friday, January 4, 2013

Sometimes after the holidays, I seem to crave getting back into a routine. I actually did this time around too, oh silly me with this naive thoughts. Reality is just no fun after ten days of quality time with the hubs and my family. My goateed man and I had a four-day weekend to ring in the new year with and I tell ya, it was so much fun.

I bought Adam a fancy-schmancy(read: coffee-snob-loving) Burr grinder for Christmas and we made pour over and french press coffee every. single. day. Oh momma, that stuff is SO good! It made our Keurig coffee taste like coffee-laced water. This surely may sound dramatic, but I kid you not. It’s awesome stuff.

Anywho, looking back on last weekend and the Christmas holiday, I just felt like a kid again. Almost like Adam and I were playing house and we had all this time to relax together and were able to really just enjoy each other’s company. I loved that and I didn’t want it to end. Perhaps we lost a little of that once the stress of last year hit us.

Things took a rough turn in September, nothing major, but some bumps in the road which seemed to seep into home life as well and, well, we never really seemed to fully recover. I want to work on that. To get back to that place where even everyday little moments feel like adventures. Where I just want to take photos with him on my phone making silly faces(even though he hates it). Where life demands to be documented on a daily basis. Things have felt off and that’s what it is. A lack of fun. Where downtime is downtime and work time has it’s own special place in Monday-Friday land.

Here’s my theory: I don’t believe we ever have to grow up completely. Sure, when it comes to responsibilities we do. But this year, I’m pulling a Peter Pan and putting my foot down. Here’s to more playful times and silly adventures in 2013, okay? Life’s just more fun when we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

On that note, happy weekend. Let’s have fun, shall we?


  • Love this!!

  • Thanks Kelly. :)

  • Thanks for opening up about this! I think it’s important to keep that playfulness in relationships…even when it’s hard sometimes. :)