have yourself a merry little christmas

posted on: Friday, December 21, 2012

Today is a glorious day! Glorious, I say! Today, we took the day off. Well, Adam took the day off and is playing hooky with me. It’s Christmas hooky, which is totally allowed. It’s actually encouraged. We’re getting some work done at the coziest Starbucks in town and then we will finish up some errands before enjoying homemade chili leftovers, cornbread and our last night home before Christmas. Tomorrow we will hike it up the mountains and enjoy a few days up there. It’s going to be fun and stressless, as every Christmas should be(though that’s not always the case). But this year? This year we’re determined.

Peace and joy at Christmas comes when I choose to focus on Christ and the sacrifice God made to have a relationship with us. That sentence makes it sound so simple, but it’s so easy to lose focus on that. He loves us so much, It’s crazy. I wish I could fully understand His capacity of love for us, but I’ll spend my life trying. When we focus on the stress or the little things that can build up and turn this season into something it was never meant to be, that’s when it becomes something to dread not something to enjoy. This year, I will focus on the good stuff. It’ll be a merry one indeed!

I would love to wish you all a wonderful and merry Christmas to you and yours! Hope you all have a wonderful time with family and the safest of travels. I’ll see you the day after. Or maybe sooner. We’ll see. As always, I’m on instagram and twitter and will be posting from those the next few days. I’ll be seeing you!