small town north carolina

posted on: Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Had to fade the color on this one, I think it’s my favorite.

A few weekends ago we were up in the mountains for a little getaway. We left the dogs in Charlotte with our trusty dog trainer and got to sleep and relax without worrying if Nola or Penny Lane would try and jump the fence and hightail it around the mountain chasing rabbits, deer or our trusty (somewhat adopted) mountain dog, Daisy. I felt exhausted in a good way, like my body hadn’t rested in a while and could finally relax kind of way. It was, shall I say, delightful?

Saturday evening we traveled down the mountain to the main street of my mom and step-dad’s tiny little town(tiny, I tell you) to watch their Christmas parade. I didn’t have my hopes up, but you know what? I think everyone in town came, and it was pretty spectacular. I had a blast catching candy with Adam the way I did when I was a little kid and wishing everyone, on every float, a Merry Christmas. It was beautiful and joyful and that’s what we all need a little more of this time of year. I mean, you can never have too much joy, can you?

P.S. If you’re looking for great background music for your house or for Christmas parties, try Pandora’s “Jazz Christmas” station.

It’s my absolute favorite!

  • The parade looks like so much fun :) I really adore small towns. I Think my favorite picture is the little donkey..he just looks so sweet, and sad. Thanks for sharing your photo’s Katy. I’m glad you got some much needed rest as well. Happy Wednesday! xo

  • Hi Katy! Just recently found your blog and love it! Nice to “meet” a fellow North Carolinian :)

  • Hi Heather! So glad you found the blog and that you love it. That has already made my day! We moved here last year and it was the best decision! I love being a North Carolinian. :)