Slow down, holiday season

posted on: Monday, November 19, 2012

The theme for this weekend was productivity! We got a head start on Christmas shopping, since we’re celebrating with Adam’s family while we’re in town this week. We still have a little bit of shopping to do, but the bulk of it is done which is a huge relief!

I love this sign by Nordstrom that hangs outside of their store. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m all about Christmas music, Christmas movies, twinkle lights and yes, I sometimes like to jump the gun when it comes to the holidays, but Thanksgiving is probably my favorite of them all. Okay, in all actuality it’s probably tied with Christmas. But I just love how it ushers in the best time of the year, you know? I love how it allows us to reflect on our loved ones and the blessings in our lives and, yes, the food doesn’t hurt either.

I love that Nordstrom doesn’t decorate until after Thanksgiving and that they’re not open at all on Thursday for the employees sake. I don’t mind if you decorate early, not at all! But I like to take my time and savor each moment of this time of year. It’s always gone in a flash, don’t you think? This time of year just makes me oh so happy!

We’re off to Orlando tomorrow and will be driving most of the day. I can’t wait to spend almost a week with Adam’s side of the family.

Who else is traveling this week?


  • :) Ohh I love Christmas too..and Thanksgiving does usher it in and put you in the right mindset to celebrate. I hope you all have safe travels and lot’s of fun with the in-laws. Early Happy THanksgiving Katy Xo

  • I 100% agree. I love Christmas but I wish that we had more time to process Thanksgiving before being inundated with Christmas stuff. Or, process Halloween.

  • I ALSO really love the idea of stores being closed on the holidays for all of the employees to spend time with their families! So refreshing in this day and age to take that special time :)

  • I totally agree. I am so sick of these two stations in Buffalo that are already playing Christmas music 24/7. SERIOUSLY!