When your mind goes blank

posted on: Friday, November 16, 2012











Hello blank brain(that’s what I’m calling it, anyway). Two days straight. That happens, it’s cool. My brain hit a wall and refused to let go of any words. Darn you, brain. You win. Don’t let it go to your head. Ba-dum-cha! I usually have to force myself not to force myself to write a blog post when words escape me. Mainly because it starts to stress me out and when that happens, I don’t let myself even try. It’s a bad habit and threatens to turn my love of blogging into a chore, which I refuse to let happen. Also, it causes me to ramble. Although rambling is fun, it apparently produces silly puns and run-on sentences which, you know, are pretty awesome if I do say so myself which I DO!

Where were we?

It’s FRIDAY! Hallelujah! Not only is it Friday, but Adam only works a day and a half next week and then Tuesday we are off to Orlando for Thanksgiving. Again, it’s a less than a week away now. How the heck did that happen? I’ll get over it. I promise.

We’ll be in Orlando for almost an entire week and I’m so thrilled for Adam! That man works way too hard and needs a break. A nice, long break. Filled with turkey, stuffing, family, lounging by the pool almost every day and plenty of time with my sweet niece. It’s going to be glorious!

As excited as I am about going away next week, I’m also very excited to have a weekend at home here in Charlotte. It should be a beautiful couple of days. Happy weekend to you!

Thanksgiving tip: I heard if you have a frozen turkey, you were supposed to put it at the lowest part of your fridge yesterday, so do it NOW if you have one and haven’t started defrosting it yet. Just a friendly reminder from me (and Rachael Ray).

  • That is a good tip! And I have also been struggling with blank brain this week! I’ve been really tired for no apparent reason (and even with lots of coffee).

    I think the time change finally caught up with me.