A weekend away

posted on: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This weekend, we headed out of town for a quick trip to the mountains. My mom and step-dad live up there, so we take short trips often. I think it’s necessary to get out of the city and into nature sometimes, it really helps us to disconnect and clear our heads. Especially since we barely get cell phone reception up there, which I don’t mind one bit! We weren’t planning a trip until I found out my Grandma Rita and Aunt Ro were in town, then it became a must. They live back home in Fort Lauderdale and since moving to Charlotte, trips down there are pretty difficult, so I took full advantage of hanging out with them while they were in town. We let the dogs play, relaxed, walked around Blowing Rock, and visited a new winery. It was gorgeous out and surprisingly warm for being in the mountains. On the drive home, I told Adam that I just felt so blessed. It really helped me reevaluate everything. Thank goodness for weekends away!