It’s a beautiful thing

posted on: Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Posted this on Facebook because it’s been on my heart this past week and today especially. Seeing words thrown on both sides putting down the other has been disheartening, so I felt the need to write this. My one and only political post. So, here it is..

The only thing I’m going to say today is let’s please, please BE KIND to one another. We all have different backgrounds and have the right to use our own personal experiences to shape how we vote.

It’s a beautiful thing to be an American and to have the right to vote for our next leader. Let’s not change that by making vast generalizations or making harsh comments about people who don’t happen to vote the way we do. I see people on both “sides” doing this.

It shouldn’t take natural disasters for us to come together as a country. It’s not about who’s right/who’s wrong. It’s not a contest, this isn’t a sports game. This is our country and we are ALL Americans. That’s a pretty cool thing, in my opinion, and I still love and respect you no matter who you vote for. That’s all. Now go vote!

  • Agreed wholeheartedly!

    I voted this morning!

  • Happy election day to you!

  • Joy

    I love this! I was talking with a friend last night that we were glad tweet caster has the zip it capability because we’d be losing friends left and right. And NOT over their political affiliation (she and I are on opposite sides of the fence so clearly who you were voting wasn’t the issue) but how NASTY they were being to each other!