Finding beauty in the mess

posted on: Friday, November 2, 2012

I’m trying to find the words to write right now, but my brain has shut off at this point. It’s 10:45 on a thursday night as I write this so that’s pretty standard, right? Monday nights at 10:45 I can think pretty clearly and with each night, the exhaustion sets in more and more until you reach the end of the week and your brain is just done.

So..we were supposed to go out of town tomorrow. Our life group at church(seven other couples) booked a cabin and we were going on a much-needed vacation that was planned for months. The other night we found out that we had been corresponding with a scammer this whole time. No weekend trip and our money is gone. That’s the phone call I received on Halloween. At this point, HomeAway(the company we used) is not taking any responsibility for the situation, apparently this has happened to many others before us and they have received the same response. It’s incredibly frustrating that a company can do that when it was their system that was compromised. I don’t know. I hope to return with an updated message that the company comes through, but that remains to be seen. So that’s where we’re at. I wrestled with posting anything about it, but I felt the need to warn everyone to be incredibly careful with websites like that. Even calling the owner of the property doesn’t cover all of your bases when the scammer hacked into the account and could have been the one on the phone this whole time. You never think it could happen to you, until it does really. It’s all blah.

Still, we can’t sit around being angry about the situation. Well, we can, but that would just make us miserable. We have to choose to see the good in things as they are and make the best out of an awful situation. This weekend, we’re still getting together to hang out with our friends and with the absolutely heartbreaking news in the northeast, this problem really isn’t that bad in the scheme of things. I feel guilty even being upset about this when so many are hurting up north.

So, I had my pity party followed up by a grand dose of perspective. We’re allowed to be upset when bad things happen to us, yes we are.  But this weekend instead of wallowing in the mess, I am choosing to find beauty, to find the joy. That’s really all we can do, right? We can choose to find joy, even in the messiest of times.

Here’s to finding your joy this weekend, no matter what is going on in your lives right now.


+ Speaking of the devastation in the Northeast, here is a website with different ways to help.

UPDATE:  Out of the blue, we got a call that we’re going to be reimbursed. Such a huge blessing! Not sure how we lucked out, but I’m so grateful!

  • This is a good reminder have in all situations – homeshare, craigslist, freecycle, etc. you really never know!

    Thank you for the link for hurricane assistance. Checking it all out now!

  • Oh Katy, that is a horrible situation! It is a good warning for people though to be weary of certain situations and that it can happen to anyone!

    I hope you find some good in your weekend even though it won’t be what you had planned. :)

  • I’m so sorry, a weekend away with sounds lovely and I hope you get your soon.

    Just stopping by from The Wiegand’s, sweet Casey’s blog, to personally invite you to join me for An Aloha Affair; a sort of end of week gathering and mingling and growing together. I’d love to have ya, stop by anytime…


  • Ugh, that sucks. I am sorry! You are an inspiration the way you look at the bright side, though. Hope it works out.