Maybe it will feel like Halloween next year

posted on: Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Halloween last year.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! For the first time, it didn’t really feel like Halloween to me. We didn’t even buy Halloween candy until last night around nine at night. That’s bordering on blasphemy, I tell you what. Our neighborhood doesn’t really get into the spirit, you see. Last year, we got all prepped and ready to have our first Halloween in a real neighborhood only to end up having TWO trick-or-treaters. The whole night. It was depressing.

This year we were just going to relax at home and not expect any trick-or-treaters, but then we decided to have a Halloween dinner date instead. We drove through our dream neighborhood on the way to dinner and it was incredible. Roads were blocked off and tons of families were going around trick-or-treating and having the best time together. Men in suits, just having gotten home from work with their kids. It was less than two miles from where we lived, but it actually felt like a holiday. It felt like another world. I can’t wait until it actually feels like Halloween to us! Maybe next year is our year? Just maybe?

After dinner, we got a pretty upsetting phone call. Nothing I’ll get into details of yet, but it definitely solidified my lackluster feelings about Halloween this year. I felt pretty deflated.

Bright side? I know there’s a bright side. I know today will be better. A brand new day, a brand new month! A new time to start fresh and, well, November is usually pretty much amazing and ends with a FEAST of gargantuan proportions.

So, farewell October. You’ve been great and all. It’s not you, it’s me. We can still be friends? It’s just that I’m a little bit excited about November’s arrival. Just a little bit.

  • I’m so sorry that you got an upsetting phone call and I hope and pray that everything is okay.

  • It didn’t really feel like Halloween to me, either. We do get a good amount of trick or treaters, but I had to work late. Mike and I did watch some of Zombieland, though.

    I’m sorry about the phone call — hope everything is OK.

  • Everything will be okay! We’re resolving some things now but everyone is healthy and safe in our lives, so nothing like that! Thankful!

  • Working late on Halloween? That’ll do it. Glad you had a movie night, at least!

    Thanks, everything will be okay! Just need to get some things resolved(I hope).