my dog eats walls

posted on: Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My dog eats walls. Have I mentioned that before? It’s true, she does. Nola, not Penelope and not all the time. Nope, she likes to play coy and innocent until our guard is completely down and then she swoops in to make a feast of drywall. We’ve been trying to wean the dogs off of their crates during the day and then hopefully, slowly let them have the crates as optional throughout the night as well.

This is how it usually goes, we leave them out and all goes well for a couple of weeks. We get comfortable. We think “hey, this is great! They’re doing so well! They love it! We’re happy! They’re happy! Life is woooonderful!” and then BOOM. You come home and within a few minutes notice the drywall carnage. We patch it up right away, every time, but really?

I was not a happy camper last night. We left them out for a little bit(dumb on our parts) after they’d been in their crates all day and we had to run an errand or two. I came home to a second hole in the wall AND Nola ate half the binding off of a Nutella cookbook Adam received as a gift when he lived in Italy. Sure, it’s all in Italian but it’s NUTELLA!

After dinner, our respective sweet tooths(sweet teeth? tooth?) were hankering for some sugar. Now, I don’t remember who had this brilliant idea but this sure did happen tonight.

We loaded up the pups, put the heat on and the windows down and ventured out for some fried dough covered in a heavenly glaze. Worth it. And, well, now I feel so much better about the whole thing. I think Krispy Kreme makes everything better, don’t you?

So, friends, anyone ever wean dogs off of their crates? Any advice? Any at all?

  • Oh that’s awful! We go back and forth on the crate, too, and I thought it was bad that our GSD would scavenge for baby socks!

  • Oh my gosh! I have a friend whose dog got out of his crate and he ate some drywall in her house once. She said it was so sad it was funny, and she and I actually wondered what that is doing to their tummies!

  • Oh she does the sock thing when we’re actually home. It’s amazing how they find socks even when we think we’ve hid them all!

  • It’s definitely “so sad it was funny”, but the funny part didn’t come until later. ;) Dogs eat all sorts of crazy things, so while it’s not good(of course), I don’t think it’s causing any permanent damage. But we will try and prevent it from happening again, of course! I just wish she had a problem chewing furniture or something, at least we can try and fix that or hide the things she chews, but you can’t hide the wall!

  • Chloe used to eat baseboards. We painted over them so it looks presentable but if we ever sell our place, we’ll have to replace them all. We pen her up in our hallway so she has enough room to move around/play with her toys if she wants to while we’re going (though I think she usually just sleeps!) We give her something to chew on if we’re going to be gone for awhile (pig’s ears are her current favourite) and have also used IQ games, like ICubes, to keep her entertained. I think she mostly just outgrew it, though!

  • Thanks for the tips! I think we really do need to invest in a ton of new toys. I just wish dog toys weren’t so pricey! They destroy the cheap ones, but it’s worth it to preserve the house.

  • Chloe destroys the expensive toys too, and she’s just a 15 lb cockapoo :P