catching up over queso

posted on: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

There are many things I hold very dearly to my heart, two of those things are good food and girl time. Last night, I got both! My sweet friend Jen and I met up at one of my favorite local restaurants, Cabo Fish Taco. When you arrive, they greet you with smiles, fresh tortilla chips and the best corn/tomato salsa ever. It’s seriously addicting. If you live or visit Charlotte and haven’t been there, please go! They have chicken and beef as well, if fish tacos don’t tickle your fancy.

Our server took a little longer to get to our table(which wasn’t even that long AT ALL), so she gave us free queso. FREE QUESO! A bowl of melted heaven cheese. I mean seriously, I could have hugged that woman. For the next hour, we caught up on life and ate amazing food. Girl’s nights always solidify that I need many more of them, they’re just good for the soul.

Side note: For everyone feeling the effects of Sandy, I’m saying prayers for you guys! Please stay safe!

  • LOVE Cabo Fish Taco! :) We used to go ALL the time when we lived in Plaza Midwood. I miss it!

  • Free queso would make the evening complete!

  • It’s one of my absolute favorites! SO good!

  • It did, it also made me way too full but it was so worth it!

  • YES! love cabo! the other location is in my college town (blacksburg, va). maybe that’s why we moved to charlotte, to be near another cabo fish taco? who knows!

    agreed – their salsa and queso is amazing! i like to eat ’em both together!

  • I have never been to a cabo before. I like moe’s queso the best, though. So so good!

  • Funny story, this past summer we were driving to wine country VA. My FIL plays at a winery every summer. Anyway, we pass right by Blacksburg and were going to stop for food on our way back since we love it SO much(and my in-laws do too) but they didn’t let dogs hang out on the patio. Lame!

  • Moes has delicious queso, that’s for sure! Cabo is a local restaurant. Only two locations! One here in Charlotte and one in Virginia.

  • I am loving the pictures your taking with your new camera. They tell such story!


  • Oh, thank you Katie! This comment means the world. I’m working on learning my camera and bringing it with me everywhere these days.

  • SO DO I!

  • I haven’t been to Cabo Fish Taco in forever! Must go soon! Let me know if you want to go again- I’m game! Next blogger meet-up?!