Karaoke is Japanese for ’empty orchestra’

posted on: Monday, October 29, 2012


This weekend had many ups and a down or two. Sunday was for errands and resting which was very much needed, but Saturday was the most eventful. The down I was speaking of? Mainly an emotional breakdown Saturday night over sheer exhaustion and the stress of finding a last minute Halloween costume, but we won’t revisit that trip down crazy lane. It wasn’t fun.

The biggest news of the weekend? We sold Adam’s car! It’s definitely bittersweet. We first hung out in that car where we discovered our mutual love for Dave Matthews Band, he asked me out in that car, we drove in that car on our first date and right after getting engaged and that’s the car he had when we got married. He’s had that car for over nine years and Saturday it became someone else’s car. It’s silly to get sentimental over things, but so much happened through the life of that car. We bid you adieu, dear blue!

We are also now a one car family. Gulp. My schedule is really flexible and I often work from Adam’s building, so it works out fairly well. It’ll definitely take some sacrifice and extra planning, but now we’re just about done paying off credit card debt we racked up from moving. Huzzah! Now we can focus on saving for bigger purchases. Ahem, house, new car, v a c a t i o n s. Oh, vacations! We need one, big time.

Saturday night (after said breakdown), I finally got some sort of..something..together. I think I was Amelia Earhart…or a pilot..or Snoopy. If you guessed something, that is what I was. Hey, it worked! I drove over to Caitlin’s and hung out with a ladybug, cat woman, a nerd, a ski bunny, and Batman, among other characters. It was so much fun and definitely cheered me right back up. It didn’t take a whole lot, really. Just cupcakes, good friends and karaoke.

  • Haha, it was great to see you Katy! Karaoke was hilarious…

  • Congratulations on selling the car – that’s exciting :-).

  • Great to see you too! Loved your costume.

  • Looks like you had fun!

  • I have been emotional breakdown crazy-like for a while now over some pretty stupid stuff. I don’t get it! Nothing terrible, just I need a drink and/or some company kind of stuff. I am glad you got cupcakes and friends! Always helps!