posted on: Thursday, October 25, 2012

A girl walks into a grocery store after dropping her husband off at work, realizing they needed eggs. Girl realizes within five minutes of walking in that she looks, well, disheveled(which is being kind). Makeup-less, in a t-shirt and husband’s oversized hoodie, hair a mess and jeans messily tucked into her Uggs, but is too aware of their lack of eggs to care. She proceeds.

Girl grabs some things for breakfast and makes her way to the eggs. Girl grabs an 18-count carton of eggs and has a fleeting thought, “What if I drop these right now, now THAT would be embarrassing!” Then girl proceeds to accidentally let go of the cooler door that was tucked behind her knee and before she knows it, the door closes on her hand and eighteen eggs go flying. In the door, in the cooler, on the ground, everywhere. Smash, smash, smash.

Girl looks around, taking inventory of who may have seen the incident. Bless that man on aisle six who pretended not to notice.

Girl walks over to store clerk who couldn’t have been nicer and is relieved considering most of the time the clerks aren’t the friendliest at this store. She apologizes profusely and then moves along to pay for her things. Including an uncrushed carton of eggs.

In other news, we now have eggs. Ta-da!

The end.

  • OH no! That’s no fun – I am so happy the clerk was friendly and helpful. And I”m happy you have eggs. I’ve done that once when I was a girl – a little girl. My dad had to find someone to tell them I dropped eggs. I was so embarrassed!

    On the clothes front – I think we all have those days!

  • It was one of those things that was so funny, I had to laugh at myself afterward. I called Adam immediately and we laughed together. I drive him to work, usually right after I’ve woken up, so the clothes didn’t bother me so much. It just had to paint a complete picture of the ridiculousness of it!

  • I feel like I’m lucky to live in a big college town close enough to campus that if/when I go into a store looking a mess then people probably just assume I am some lazy college kid.

    No that it any less embarrassing to think about seeing someone I know in that state, but it makes me feel a little better about what others might think of me.

  • It was pretty empty at 8:30, so luckily I didn’t run into anyone I knew. I was also still pretty sleepy and didn’t care too much. I was both proud and horrified. ;)

  • Addy

    I am glad you were around to document this event.