Tuesdays are making a comeback

posted on: Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[ Sweater & Burgundy Skinnies: H&M // Flats, Tank & Watch: Target ]

Tuesday has never been my favorite day of the week. This is just something I’ve notice recently, before that I never really paid attention. I just knew that Mondays were usually no fun and Saturdays were amazing. That’s all I really thought about the subject. Oh and Friday evenings are splendid, of course. But lately, I’ve seen other people hail Tuesday as one of their favorites and this got me thinking “What’s Tuesday really about? What am I missing here? Is it really magical?”. So the last few months, I’ve taken to examining each and every Tuesday that passes. My conclusion? They stink just as bad as Mondays, if not worse. Tuesdays never seemed to fare well for me. Yesterday, however, may be responsible for a new found love of Tuesdays.

Tuesday morning, I heard Penny whining as usual but tried to go back to sleep since the sun was still tucked away, as was I. I remember thinking she sounded closer than normal, but proceeded to pass out again until Adam opened the bedroom door.

Adam: Uhh, Katy?

Me: Mmhmnbhlkjfg yeah?(This is me, half asleep. I’m sure I sound something like that.)

Adam: Look who greeted me at the door..

Penny. It was Penny. Don’t know how she got out of her crate, but I’m assuming when Adam put Nola into her crate(which we know is always a process), he merely closed Penny’s crate but forgot to lock it. She then proceeded to jump on the bed, lay down next to me and lick my face like a madwoman. A madwoman who licks faces, that is. It was kind of the sweetest wake up call ever, even though I was exhausted. I was up until 1 A.M. watching a giraffe give birth. Yes, you read that correctly. Giraffes are my favorite and watching a live birth of one sort of changed my life. I don’t know how exactly, but it did. Amazing and gross and completely incredible.

Yesterday afternoon I got my butt handed to me at the gym during my strength class, straightened my hair for the first time in weeks and wore lots of color in prep for my busy evening.

I headed over to Atherton Market for an event they hosted for some Charlotte bloggers, which I will definitely be recapping soon. We toured a spice shop, wine bar and the market itself. If you’re in Charlotte and haven’t been there yet, please go! They’re open a few days a week now, so you don’t just have to go on weekends.

I actually had to leave a little bit early for another event, a talk for women at my church. The topic was anxiety and I couldn’t miss it. It’s definitely something I struggle with a lot. I got to hang out with some good friends from our church group and enjoyed an amazing talk by our pastor’s wife. Feeling incredibly blessed and thankful for my church here in Charlotte!

Tuesday? You were so good to me today. Let’s keep this up, shall we?

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  • It’s funny, Tuesdays and Thursdays are my favorite days of the week. Tuesdays because it’s #fitblog night on Twitter, and Thursdays because it’s two days from the weekends. Yesterday was a fun day for me – I’m almost halfway done with my knitting project and I got to run with my fiance, which is always fun!

  • If you love giraffes, you have to go to Lazy 5 Ranch! I got to pet the nose of a baby giraffe last Friday <3

  • Oh my gosh, thank you! I’ll definitely have to check it out soon.

  • I wish I liked Tuesdays more, I love that you love it. I’ll have to try and find the good in Tuesdays from now on instead of finding the bad. It’d be nice to enjoy a day that’s not Friday or Saturday. ;)

  • Tuesdays also stink for me. Glad you had a good one though!

    My thoughts on Tuesdays? They have nothing going for them. Mondays are Mondays – no fun. Wednesdays mean we’re halfway to the weekend. Thursdays are even closer. Fridays are usually awesome and so are the weekends. But Tuesdays? Like an extension of Mondays.

    But finding the good in the day is smart. Makes the day less dreary.

  • Exactly! Once we get done with Wednesday, we’re almost there. Which makes Wednesday pretty good too. Tuesday is the wicked step-sister of Monday. Yes, let’s challenge ourselves to find the good in Tuesdays!