Katy goes to the dentist.

posted on: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yesterday I went to the dentist for the third time in two weeks. Doesn’t that sound like a party? Don’t you wish you were me? Oh, what a Monday morning! You see, I have weak enamel and therefore have a ton of fillings. Well, three of those were chipped. Darn you ice and other crunchy things! I got two fixed on Wednesday and decided to just bite the bullet and get it over with today. So I did.

Do you ever notice that post-fillings the novocaine leaves you feeling as if you’re lip is ten times as big as it actually is? I think I look crazy when in reality I look completely normal. Well, minus the weak-on-one-side smile and slight lisp. Not to mention the novocaine always seems to last a good five hours on me. Point one for novocaine.

I usually sit around, grumpy and hungry, waiting for the effects to wear off so that I can finally eat lunch while sipping on some coke hoping it’ll help the novocaine wear off sooner(caffeine). Sometimes it works, but I’m pretty sure it’s all in my head. I’ll take what I can get, I suppose.

The good news is that in five hours, without the feeling in half of my face, I managed not to bite my cheek or lip once. I think that counts for two points. Katy: 2 Novocaine: 1. Winner!

  • jen

    oh i feel your pain. i have been to the dentist every week this month, i go again tomorrow and i still have 2 more visits. ugh. i hate it but i mostly hate how much it is costing us-even after insurance.

  • Oh that sucks. My dentist chastises me for my Diet Mountain Dew and Coffee habits when I go. He says to sip with a straw or to, no joke, chug it. And to rinse with water whenever possible. I hate that puffy lip feeling.

  • Yikes! Poor girl. I feel you on the cost. We still pay a good penny, but seeing the originally prices make me so thankful for insurance and benefits cards. It’s insane!

  • I got a little scolded for almonds, but the dentist told me not to stop eating them since they’re healthy. But no ice, nooooo ice! Sad.

  • Nick

    Two things:
    1. Adam is awesome and your description of him yesterday was spot on.
    2. Why in the world are you drinking coke after getting dental work done?!

  • 1. I know, you love Adam.

    2. Caffeine. I’ve heard it can help.