This weekend we got to sleep.

posted on: Monday, October 22, 2012




This weekend we got to sleep in. Did you hear me? SLEEP IN! I know, I know I make this seem like a miraculous occurrence to someone without a child, but it really is. You see, Penny Lane likes to wake us up everyday of the week before the sun even rises. Around 6 she starts whining incessantly (and I mean incessantly). Nola used to bark in the mornings, but she’d give up after five or ten minutes. Penny? Penny is a champ. She can whine for two hours straight that dog. That freaking dog. She just keeps going until all attempts at covering one’s ears with one’s pillow become futile and we have no choice but to get out of bed and set them free.

But this weekend? This weekend was heavenly. On Saturday she didn’t start whining until 8:30…8:30! Adam got up with the puppies and let me sleep a little longer. Bless that man, that rugged, handsome man.* On Sunday, we actually woke her up for once. It was amazing. We slept until 9:30 this morning, apparently we really needed sleep.

Other honorable mentions involving this weekend’s activities include running lots of fun errands(yay groceries), visiting the pumpkin patch, having a pumpkin beer at NoDa Brewing, returning my camera kit(traded it in for the same camera body and TWO better lenses from Amazon which I’m now impatiently waiting for to arrive, hence the iPhone photos), making homemade pizzas, going to church, going to the gym and taking the dogs on a long walk.

But most importantly, we slept. True story.

*Bolded words written by certain husbands while reading over my blog post pre-publishing. Although, I confirm those statements are indeed true. Thanks for the sleep, hubs!

  • HAHA! I love your husband’s “post-script” – it’s wonderful!

    We also slept in this weekend, then tried a new restaurant before wandering around a fall festival in the rain. I love this time of year – pumpkins everywhere!