Simplifying, decluttering, cleaning out my closet…

posted on: Saturday, October 20, 2012


I’m becoming a little obsessed with getting rid of things and simplifying these days. A few weeks ago I ransacked my closet and cleaned out things I know I haven’t worn in a while. Adam and I both donated a few bags of clothes and I also have a bag of clothes I thought I’d try to sell. These are pieces I love and think others will love as well, but I really needed to hone down my closet and stick with my best pieces. I’m working on refining my wardrobe and this seems to just come with the territory. It’s hard to let things go sometimes, even clothes, but it’s completely necessary. Come to think of it, I probably need to do round two soon!

Anyway, I decided to try Threadflip to sell some things from my closet. So, if you’d like, feel free to take a look and see if you love anything as much as I have!

  • Love the new look, darling! Send me your button! We must swap! 200×100! xo

  • Okay, will do! Need to create a new one. I adjusted my add sizes so send me a 210 x 105, please. :)