To Fall, with love

posted on: Friday, October 19, 2012

Dearest Fall,

I just wanted to write you a little note to say that I love you and I plan on taking full advantage of you this weekend. I’m talking hot cider, pumpkin patches, pumpkin-flavored goodies and lighting delicious Fall candles. The works, I tell you, the works! Thanks for making this Florida girl’s dream come true. I love having more than two seasons! Rumor has it that this year we’ll have a normal winter. With snow and everything. That’s two more seasons than I had before I moved to North Carolina. This is just the beginning of it! This weather, the colors, it all makes me so happy. So thanks, Fall, for being a special kind of wonderful.



  • Fall is my favorite season. I grew up in an area lush with trees and the hills of Appalachian Ohio would be all ablaze every autumn. I live in a different part of the state now – actually in a different state, but my neighborhood is so similar to my hometown in how colorful the trees become.

    And yes, I do go out of my way to step on the crunchy, crunchy leaves. It’s too fun not to!

  • Fall has become my favorite this year as well, I love each season for different reasons, but Fall has stolen my heart completely this year. I love the crunchy leaves as well.